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For nearly two decades, since 2005, ICY Couture has been the pioneer in the art of custom crystallized gifts. Our expertise and passion for innovation continues to set the standard for the "bling" industry. 

Unmatched Quality & Expertise:

While many try to replicate dazzling ICY designs, there's a reason why A-listers celebrities and internationally recognized companies, choose ICY Couture as their Go-To Bling Shop.

True Masters in Crystal Application Field:

At ICY Couture we have assembled a team of skilled designers who possess an unparalleled ability to transform ordinary items into extraordinary dazzling works of art. With unmatched expertise in crystal application, and a meticulous attention to detail, our brilliant designers crystallize each custom piece by hand in our Orange County, California, studio, ensuring that every crystal gift is a true masterpiece, made to last for years to come. This expertise is what sets ICY gifts apart from their imitations.

Experience the ICY Difference:

In the sparkling world of crystallized gifts, we offer more than just sparkle; we invite you to understand the intricate craftsmanship that breathes life into our every custom gift. From simple items to most complicated, no project is too difficult for ICY designers. From various auto accessories to personal gifts, now expanding its collection to Home Decor, Discover the difference true craftsmanship makes.

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